Apollo's Publishing Process

Get Published - An Alternative To Self-Publishing

The difference between being published verses self-publishing is that - if we publish you it cost you nothing, if you self-publish you pay for everything.

Self-publishing can be expensive and it is not for everyone, especially for a first book. If we like your manuscript, we will give you the option of self-publishing or having us publish it for you. When we publish your book, we cover all the cost associated with: Publishing, Formatting, Printing, Distribution, and Promotion. The only piece we don’t do is the copyedit. Submit your manuscript for review; there is no cost or no obligation.
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Submission Process

Apollo’s review process is focused on quality and not content. Once you have submitted your manuscript it be evaluated by our team of editors. We will be looking at the quality of writing. Apollo strongly agrees with freedom of speech. So, the only reason that we would refuse to work on a manuscript is when we deem it to be hate speech, racist, or as having the potential to harm someone.

Dissertations and theses are exempt from the evaluation process. Dissertations and theses undergo significant vetting before they are complete. They are published as academic works.

If your manuscript is accepted, your file will be sent to our publishing team and they will begin working with you to start the publishing process. This process typically takes between 4-5 weeks from the time your manuscript is approved to the time when you receive the first copies of your book. If you are publishing a digital version of your book, the process can be as short as three weeks.

Rejected manuscripts will be returned with a letter explaining why it was rejected. A rejection based on significant grammatical errors include the recommendation to submit the manuscript to a copy editor for further editing. Once the recommended changes have been made to the manuscript, you can resubmit the manuscript for a second review. You will be given the opportunity to respond to a rejection and point out why you believe our evaluation process was wrong. We recognize that we are also not perfect.

Submit Your Work
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Publishing Process

The publication phase will start as soon as your manuscript has been accepted. The first thing we do is help you design the book cover. If you already have one, we can use it if the design meets our printer’s requirements. We can provide you with a template based on the size or type of book cover you want. And, Apollo has a wide range of book sizes and binding type for you to choose from. If your book will be released only in digital format, this process can move quite quickly.

Apollo’s strong relationship with a low volume printer means we can offer extremely competitive pricing for printed copies of your book. We can make the digital version available, also, if you wish to use your own printer. The printer we use can print and bind almost any size from 5.5” x 8.5” to 8.5” x 11” and in your choice of black and white, partial color, or full color. There are also three binding types to choose from: traditional softcover perfect binding, spiral bound, or high quality hardbound.

he cover design can start after the book sizes and binding type is determined. We include the cover design as part of the copyright, so both the content and the artwork is protected. The copyright process takes about 24 hours for confirmation of your copyright approval.

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The next step after copyright approval is to get your book into circulation. If you want digital distribution, we will turn your book into an ePub format compatible for all eBook platforms including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Apple. Once we submit your book, it will become available in 70 digital book stores around the world. Everything is done for you, there is nothing you need to do. All payments will be sent to you electronically monthly. Every online book reseller has different compensation percentages, but the range is 30%-40%; Apollo charges only $.50 per transaction.

The next step is marketing. As a first time author with Apollo, you will be added to our marketplace in the “About the Author,” section, and your book will be put on our marketplace. Selling your book through our marketplace is an easy way to maximize your return. For each book sold in our marketplace, you will receive 80% of the selling price. Readers will be able to order both digital and physical (if available) copies of your book from our marketplace.

And, we will distribute a press release, that contains a direct link back to your book, to all the major networks and news organizations. It is critical that your book gets attention it deserves. Our press distribution network reaches about 30 million readers in the United States.