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The first thing all authors need to do is to protect their work with copyright. Timing is important because your time to act is limited. You have only 3 months to register your copyright once your work is: (1) published/distributed; and, (2) before infringement occurs to recover full damages and attorney’s fees.

Apollo Publications is a full-service publisher and we can copywrite most forms of printed documents, from design documents to websites. If you have written a book or created some other original work such as a blog, photo, or illustration, you must register your copyright to prevent unauthorized use. Apollo Publications simplifies the copyright registration process, and protects you against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism of your work. But you must register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to fully enforce your rights.

Apollo has experience with copyrighting the following::

  • Books
  • Technical Manuals
  • Websites
  • Music -written lyrics
  • Blogs
  • Short Stories/ Articles
  • Design Documents
  • Process Documents
  • Artwork, pictures, book covers
  • Logos
  • Business Names

If you want to protect an item, and do not see it listed above, please contact us to discuss your work.

Apollo Publications takes the stress out of getting your work copyright protected. We do all the work. We ask you to take about 5 minutes to fill out our form, and then we go to work for you. If your copyright paperwork is not filled out or filed correctly, you may not be protected. So, we will handle all paper work, but not additional filling fees.

Act now and get protected for only

One (1) copyright $125.00 USD
Two (2) or more $99.00 USD Each

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