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Copyright Serve - It is not Just for books.

The first thing all authors need to do is to protect their work with copyright. Timing is important because your time to act is limited. You have only 3 months to register your copyright once your work is: (1) published/distributed; and, (2) before infringement occurs to recover full damages and attorney’s fees. Learn More

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Apollo can match you up with a copyeditor who has experience working in your genera. It is important that a copyeditor has experience with the subject matter of your work. Apollo can link you up with one of over 80 copyeditors with experience ranging from business to web-pages. All our editors have edited thousands of pages, and most have advanced degrees. With our editors, you get both knowledge and subject matter experience. The price ranges from $.01-$.03 a word, and varies based on content and length. A technical editor will cost more than a standard copyeditor, because you are paying for their subject matter knowledge along with their editing skills.

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Cover Design

Apollo’s skilled team of graphic artists can create a book cover that reflects the essence of your work. Our team will work with you until your cover is looks exactly as want it to look. Our artists have extensive experience making book covers, and, when asked, will give you guidance. You retain the rights to the art work, and it will be included in the copyright of your book. Two versions of the cover will be created, one for a printed copy, and one formatted for an ePublication.

If you would prefer to create your own book cover, Apollo can also provide you with a template for both a print copy and an ePublication. If you create your own cover, a formatting charge may be applied, and is to be adjusted at the time of printing.

Cover design costs vary according to their complexity, but the price range is:

  • Simple Front and Back cover – includes ePub Cover - $100-$250 USD0
  • Complex Front and Back cover – includes ePub Cover - $200-$350 USD
  • E-Publication Only - $100-$150 USD
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