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At Apollo Book Printing you only pay for what you need. Every project is different some authors need a little help others need a lot. We find out what you need and then give you a price.


Book Formating

  • Interior Formating
  • Layout Design
  • Pricing Consulting
  • BASIC Consulting
  • Cover design - Each Cover is Custom
  • eBook Cover Design
  • Print Ready PDF Conversion
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More Cover Design Info

The cover art work we create for you book belongs to you. We provide you with a final copy of everything we create for you

Apollo has some of the lowest price per book printing cost in the industry and you don't have to purchase hundreds of copies to get the low pricing

Other Services

  • Image Touch Up Conversion
  • PDF Creation
  • Worldwide Book Distribution - your book will be in most major book retailers.
  • Sell Card Creation
  • ISBN Barcode
  • Bookmark Creation
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Our Distribution Network

Our worldwide book distribution is free if we print your book. You keep 100% Of the royalties. We only charge $.50 for each book sold. We can tell you exactly how mcuh you will make with each book and there are no long term contracts

Compare Our Book Prices - to other leading book printers

The prices below are for a standard 8.5"x5.5" port rat Book with 100 pages of print

Apollo DiggyPod 48 Hour Books Lightning Press
Binding Book QTY BW/Color BW/Color BW/Color BW/Color
Hardcover 25 $8.23/$10.16 $16.75/$24.25 $17.35/$36.00 $18.27/$27.22
Paperback 25 $3.48/$5.41 $6.66/$14.26 $7.35/$26.05 $9.17/$13.48
Hardcover 50 $7.98/$9.91 $14.27/$21.79 $14.95/$28.45 $13.81/$18.67
Paperback 50 $3.23/$5.16 $4.38/$11.90 $4.95/$18.45 $5.56/$10.44
Hardcover 100 $7.73/$9.66 $12.94/$18.16 $13.95/$25.00 $12.45/$17.71
Paperback 100 $2.98/$4.91 $3.44/$8.66 $3.75/$15.00 $3.74/$11.48
*Lighting Press charges and aditional $89.00 for a PDF Prof that is included in the price per book

Cathy Greene

"The process was quick. They walked me through everything from beginning to end. I had my book in print and I sold my first copy in less than four weeks"

Randy M.

They took the time to find out what I wanted. The cover design looked awesome and is definitely one of a kind.

Linda W.

This was my first book and I was not sure what I need. I had other publishers wanted to charge me $2999.00 - I got the same thing from Apollo for less than $500.00

Michael S.

The people I worked with Apollo really knew what they are doing. They did not try to force a package on me they gave me options.