About Apollo Publications

Apollo Publications is owned by Apollo Communications. Apollo Communications also owns Apollo Press Release and Apollo Public Relations. While, thousands of books are published each year, only a few make it to the book shelves of your local book store or library. Yes, a book must be good, but there are thousands of best-selling manuscripts in people’s attics because a publisher did not like it or the book was never marketed. We have the resources to get published then to market your book and get it noticed, which is what sets Apollo Publications apart from the other publishers.

Writing a book is difficult; and so, too, is the marketing. At Apollo, we believe that a top selling book, requires a best-selling author. We market the author and the book. Consumers are more likely to buy a book when they are familiar with the author. Nobody is going to be more passionate about the book than the book’s author. We get you to book signings, meet the author events, as well as speaking engagements. Every time we publish a book we issue a press release that goes out to every major news agency and outlet.

Apollo does more than print your book: We invest in your success.

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